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Hello ppl of DA,  

So, basically I created this account tow years a go, I did it so quickly and without even thinking I chose this stupid username "lulu-yumyum" Gosh it's so lame!!! I have been hating it ever since! And because DA does not offer the changing of username feature, I've decided to make a new account with a new username and a fresh start!.

My new DA account: :icontoxicelli:

With that being said, I'm going to be working exclusively from my new account, that includes: submitting new artworks, managing my group :iconall-villains:, commenting, faving... ,etc.
The only thing I'm not gonna do is moving my currant artworks to my new account, That means I'm not deactivating this account, I'll check on it occasionally...

So, if any of you my "loyal watchers" :D wants to follow me to my other account, I'll be more than happy to have your support! :)  

XOXO, Elli.
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Hey everyone!
a few days ago i founded a new group :D it called "All-Villains" :iconall-villains:
it's basically about all the bad evil characters we see in movies, comics, TV or even your own evil OC.

so i hope you have the chance to check it out!
have a nice day :love:
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Help Me Please :'(!!!

Deviant art keeps logging me out every 2 seconds and i can't figure out the reason..
i'm maaad,sad and frustrated.

i just wanna grab whomever/whatever is doing this to my account and punch him/it in the face :D
cuz it serious to me and it's really bothers me :(
i'm even thinking about giving up on da

it happens like all the Fin' time,especially when i check my messages.
i tried deleting the cookies and temporary internet files but it didn't work!

i'm using windows vista and internet explorer 8 btw.
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